Sunday, April 2, 2017

Simple Travel Sketching

Simply, one sketchbook & one or several pens
while traveling.
Grab & Go, a little scribbly image 
to remember the moment for always...
In Boston, everywhere, EVERYwhere, 
lots of people (the majority?) with "Devices", 
tuned into electronic worlds,
maybe oblivious to their physical surroundings? 


  1. Witam. Podziwiam Cię za takie szkice na żywo. Już Ci ta postać z pamięci nie umknie. U nas wiosna w pełni z czego się bardzo cieszę. Pozdrawiam i ślę uściski.

  2. Yes I have noticed that on public transport. Heads down, no eye contact but then so quick to photograph and post to social media.

  3. Life is so short. Why live it inside a tiny screen when there are so many wonderful places and people to interact with?

  4. More and more and more..a screen in their face while out and about..I get it in waiting home..just not restos..or living day to day have to be aware.
    And posting strangers on Social media is awful in my humble opinion..nasty things:(
    Oh well..I wish I could sketch as beautifully and as personably as you:)

  5. If they're oblivious, it makes it easier for us to sketch them. I love your sketch--I need to practice sketching people. I usually sketch flowers, plants, and occasionally buildings. Time to branch out!

  6. I love that you 'catch' so much . .. . and I love your pens and sketches :)) xx


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