Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Sketches From the Back Seat

In early March I got to be a passenger along Route 1 
heading south! 
 So many times I've driven that road, sneaking glances.
So I took the opportunity to sketch! Of course!
Composing sketches while moving quickly is in some ways
like putting together a puzzle. 
I grab elements from the landscape as it whips by
and fit them in on the page. 
By the time I'm drawing individual parts
they are memory images,
but with actual references in the moving landscape.

I added some colored pencil notations in the car
and later I painted lightly with watercolors.

Observation lists 
also come in handy in such fast situations. 


  1. I enjoyed this so much,, it could very well be mine lol. I do the same. Thing, your description is perfect, grabbing bits and pieces, relying on memory, I love the looseness , free and easy, it’s lovely,

  2. Laurie, thanks for visiting. I went to your blog and I so enjoy your way of life and your journal watercolors. We sometimes think in Maine that we live in the North Country, but you really do!!

  3. Oh Very nice. Like drawing on the have to use yr imagination..take liberties.
    A good test. I will now go out and hire a taxi. In Paris! €€€€

    1. Wait the bus is better and much cheaper. Nice and slow during rush hour too. Hmmm
      Bonne idee! Merci

  4. You are a brave woman! Interesting idea though.

  5. I have about five extra happy places on blogs and yours is one of them! I love these, love you sketched in motion while driving and pulled thoughts from memory. The end product is lovely!

    I wanted to thank you for coming to and catching up on posts at my place! Your words really gave me a big boost. Yesterday was a particularly bad day as the patient was having his worst day. I'm hoping thing will look up from now on but you never know -- it's been a slow go. So, all you wrote in the comment -- it really touched me and made me a little lighter. Rick slipped on the ice while we were till in MA and then developed blood clots so it has been a journey somewhat delayed because of waiting for the surgery. Now there's a big plate in his ankle and what didn't hurt before much does now. It will pass. Not soon, but it will. Meanwhile I went for a massage today. SORELY needed (and pun intended!

  6. You never cease to amaze me,Rita!!

  7. I'm impressed! A good way to use that in-car time, if you don't get carsick!


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