Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Daily Sketching: Sunday at the Café

Sunday early at Mornings in Paris. What a great way to start the day!
Sip, draw, write, gaze, listen, fully relaxed, fully present. I was so grateful for the time!


  1. It is almost like being IN Paris and you even noticed the cake mold on the wall. Love the vignettes and progression.


  2. Oh this is great. You have a place to go sketch like Lynn has in CA. Fun to have your own special place to go. Might we see more? :)

  3. This glimpse into your observations is wonderful! You have such perfect printing. If you do finish a book, you must ask to hand-letter it!

  4. Your character drawings are my my favourite. Bardzo lubię te postacie, każda ze swoją osobowością i wyrazem twarzy czy gestem. Pozdrawiam z zimowej Warszawy.
    P.S. Dear Rita, please call me Zosia. "Pani Zosia" feels very formal and I got used to people calling each other by their first names when I lived in Canada. I hope it's OK with you :-).


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