Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Accordion Book with Watercolor Circles

Several years ago I cut up a painting that I didn't like into circles & 
attached them to an accordion folded paper strip
with adhesive & embroidery floss. 
 Flip the pages &  the arrangements change.
Is it a book or a toy?
When I taught, I often used the brainstorming game with young children, 
holding up a simple shape, asking: "What is it?" 
The diverse number of responses always amazed me!

So: "What is it?" 
A balloon train? 
A fruit parade?
A broken beaded necklace? 
Planets at a party?
Other ideas?  

The end. 
Or maybe not the end...


  1. Hmm -- maybe a collection of colored cymbals?? -- barbara

  2. An heirloom:) A book of joy?
    A happy birthday book?
    How cute I love balloons!

  3. I like the way you think. Very clever!!

  4. Oooo, I would STILL love to have you as a teacher!


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