Thursday, September 11, 2014

The Zen of Mother & Child at the Lake

Oh, the pleasure, & perhaps luxury, of the young mom & her child, together in a sort of Zen reverie at the lake. They sat on their towel, they explored holes in the sand. They met a dog & some older children. They picked up stones & twigs & a few toys. They chatted now & again in a mother-child language.  They dipped their feet in the water. They did all this slowly & sometimes they were just still, seemingly doing nothing. They appeared to be in an unhurried trance, the mom following the pace of her child. 

There are many families in which the parents work all hours, where the children rush all day from activity to scheduled activity. There are others where the adults have little time or interest in their kids. Honestly, it warmed my heart to watch these two, so slow, so engaged with one another & with their surroundings. It was a little bit of Zen Magic which seemed to be filled with a lot of Love.


  1. Ah, the beauty of having Mom and Dad, both educators. Lots of zen time together.

  2. Beautiful post ... I wish all children could have such a mother.

  3. This is a scene I have witnessed a lot with my youngest daughter.
    She just started working again as all 3 are in school all day.
    I have told her many times..the last 8 yrs..the best..:)
    So trouble free.Yes worries about how we are being moms etc..but all in all the best years of my life..
    Work..not so sometimes..exciting some times..rewarding most times..

  4. Charming painting and story Rita.

  5. How great that there are still mothers and children who can do this together. This reminded me of the posts Alicia Paulson at Posie Gets Cozy ( has been making all summer. She writes so beautifully (and shares gorgeous pictures) about the things she does with her little daughter.

  6. Grandparents get to share these zen moments, too. . .saweeeet. xx


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