Friday, September 5, 2014

The Dock in the Lake

So much depends upon 
a wooden dock
floating in the lake...
(especially if you haven't been swimming in years!)

(ode to Love That Dog by Sharon Creech &
"The Red Wheelbarrow" by William Carlos Williams)


  1. A welcomed island, it seems ! ...

  2. I love Love That Dog--and your sketch. Wish I was swimming out to that dock right now.

  3. There is something about floating docks that conjures up so many stories~
    So sweet Rita.

  4. Dziś mamy piękną pogodę w Warszawie, akurat na spędzenie niedzieli nad jeziorem. Pozdrawiam.

  5. I was raised in the land of lakes, Michigan, and sketches like this bring back fond memories of fun swimming in them. We called them rafts in Michigan. Docks were attached to shore and were used to hitch our boats. Funny how different parts of the country call things by different names. Always enjoy your sketches --- barbara

  6. Oh, I love that!! I've been away for a few days . . . how nice to come home to find your floating dock and your words . . . xx


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