Monday, September 1, 2014

Friend's Farm Garden

Here, one of those first drafts that didn't need a 2nd. I worked out a few details on scratch paper & then, with ink & chopstick, spontaneously sketched images on a 9 X 12" watercolor sheet, from photos I had taken on a friend's farm back in mid-July. I'm sure her garden is very different today, & I hope to make another pilgrimage to her & to her garden soon. It's always filling to my soul, even without actually eating some of her organic, delicious produce!

It's September 1st & changes are accelerating in the rural landscape. Each day there is something new to observe. I must remember this. 

More on that "Draft Process" (previous post): The "Evil Twin Critic" verses "The Wise Editor." The country landscape was a response to "The Wise Editor". I liked reflecting & putting into practice what I've been learning. Perhaps one of the drawings was not "better" than the other, but one felt more expressive of my response to what I had seen & felt.

Happy September First & all that that means to you!


  1. Des dessins frais et joyeux! Oui , septembre arrive, avec ses couleurs dorées , ses rêves oranges , ses tons ocres et bruns ..
    J'adore l'automne !
    Je t'ecris bientôt!
    Bises, mon amie !

  2. Love this..the watering can etc..are speaking they are so alive!
    I love autumn too but it is the harbinger of..the dreaded W word..if only for it's interminable months..on end.

  3. I do so love the sketchy nature of your little paintings. You make me want to get my watercolors out!

  4. Next time we meet, maybe you will show me how you work with chopsticks, mm?

  5. Your work is wonderful, free and clean and I'm so glad you gave the "evil twin" the boot - and good riddance!!

  6. Like the arrangement of the young plants in your sketch. Gardens come and go so fast -- always changing every day of their short season. -- barbara


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