Thursday, April 2, 2020

A Gift of Sunflowers

My neighbor dropped off a gift
of a big bunch of sunflowers.

They cheer me,
especially on these grey, rainy days
in a world that is struggling,
and while I am in most of the time.

It's been awhile since I've drawn on a larger scale,
(about 11 by 12 ").

I did this as an electronic thank you note 
for my neighbor. 

Thanks to YOU for visiting me here.
Please do leave a note.


  1. Wonderful! I too find sunflowers cheery and seem to bring the sunshine indoors❤❤

  2. I adore this. Sunflowers are one of my favorites and this just captures their beauty and joy so perfectly. I'm sure she was thrilled.

    Thanks for coming over to the blog today. You're right about food tasting better these days! You asked about the six feet. Rick and I are six feet apart at all times. He is "in the world" a little more than I. Only to go to the grocery, but still, he's out there. So we must not touch or get close. It's a hard time for not being able to hug! But he comes over (he lives two blocks away) and we eat together sometimes so that's good. Not totally least not much more than usual!

  3. This is a good cheerful start to the day. Thank you.

  4. They certainly are cheery. Sun later today!

  5. Thanks about the Anne F. I accidentally hit publish instead of save and I wasn't finished with it. Coming soon!

  6. LOVE it and the you know how many of your artworks are saved to Pinterest?:) Lots..You bring joy.

  7. Love it and agree sunflowers are like sunshine with their sunny captured their essence beautifully..thanks for sharing your lovely sunny work with us!!♡

  8. How very pretty! No sunflowers here - my older son & daughter-in-law live in our basement, and she is allergic to sunflowers - a few days ago she bought a bouquet of roses at the grocery store, and has left some upstairs for us to see too - a pretty salmon pink color. And today sunshine outside, with daffodils and forsythia in my front yard!

    --Jean Marie

  9. Sunny sunflowers certainly bring cheer.
    We have fields of them growing, not far from us in the summer time.
    Mighty BIG CHEER for us . . .
    How nice of your neighbor.
    Yes indeed, notes, messages, phone calls, hand waves, tipping the hat
    are appreciated all the more during these “sheltered times.”
    Stay quiet, safe, well Miss Sketchbook Wandering . . .

  10. Beautiful sunflowers, and what a lovely gift.


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