Sunday, April 12, 2020

The Easter Robin

Sketch on mix media Canson sketchbook, 11" X 14"

His Peeps have been keeping me company, 
right outside my windows.
Three, four Robins, sometimes more.
Since the heavy snow, 
they come close to the house. 

Hop hop, walk walk, peck peck. Stand. 
Hop hop, fly fly, walk walk. Stand.
Peck peck. Catch a worm. Walk walk,

Early this morning, 
he stood very still, staring at me.


"Come on, sketch me! I'm posing!
It's a gift. Take it!
Sketch me in this little patch of light.
And, SW, I'm here to tell you,
you can find your own patch of light,
instead of that dark place you were in yesterday."

"I'm here for you.
I am The Easter Robin."


  1. Absolutely lovely post.
    Robins are my favorite birds. I'm so glad you have a robin to cheer you on.

  2. Charming little piece...You know I love robins!! This would make a sweet kids' story...

  3. Harbinger of goodness that is and that is to come

  4. ADORABLE!!! Hope all is well and you are safe! HUGS!

  5. This our bathroom..I noticed outside the window a twig and a bit of odds and ends..I looked into the yew..and well hidden..yes :)Making a nest.Love your pic of yours.The birds are so busy!!

  6. I do think I love this more than I can say! The Easter Robin -- this is the best. And he was posing -- now he's a famous Easter robin with an international Audience!

    I hope your Easter was very nice indeed.

  7. Rita what a delightful Easter Robin...he is perfect. I love to watch the birds and the Robins are especially busy right now making their nests and keeping me entertained as they gather worms. Thank you for your lovely visit - hope all is well with you. Hugs!

  8. Sweet little guy. With all that activity, I bet you will be sketching a nest soon!

  9. Hello! Just found your blog... Love your sketches! What waatercolor paper journal do you use?

  10. Love this capture! And your description of robin's movement (hop hop, walk walk, peck peck) is so perfect. I was watching a robin a few days ago and it seemed to me it was doing choreographed dance steps. xx


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