Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Sticker and Dot Play

While listening to the news of the virus,
I was soothed by painting Dots. 
Dots, again? 
You're supposed to be sketching,
Sketchbook Wandering!

I went through a major Dot Phase 
not too long ago.
Recently a reader, "minimal shine", 
asked about the Dot Stickers
that were on my last daily journal cover . 
To see that post, click HERE.
The Dot Stickers are some of my favorite stickers.
(Yes, I'm also going through a Sticker Phase. 
And at my age!)
So pretty, and even the dots have little dots!
They are called Sticko Color Bubbles
found at Michael's.

The Postal Service is also going through a Dot Phase.
The latest Celebrate postage stamp!

All of a sudden, while doing this post, 
Dots were everywhere!

Even my measuring cups turned into Dots.
Even the soap suds were made up of tiny dots!

The recently organized fountain pen inks.
Yes! The lids were Dots!

Like a happy school girl,
 I'm still merrily pasting little stickers 
into my current daily journal.
In between the writing & the tracking,
I'm also inserting 
my own drawings & paintings & colors.
I may leave the Sticker Phase,
but I don't think I will EVER get over Dots,
 or Drawing & Painting.

(To minimal shine
 let me know that you got the info!)


  1. Love the booklet -- great colors and ideas!

  2. I LOVE dots!!! I really like watching you play!! and at your age!!!!

  3. I love your dots to bits! They're really fun and cheery and I love the colors and the papers you used with them. It just makes me feel good! They definitely need a home in your journal!

    Thanks for stopping over and leaving great comments. I'm way behind in catching up and alas, I don't have email for you to reply directly. But I love every single word!

    It feels good to be painting and drawing again.

  4. Love the happy dots! Have you read Joyful, by Ingrid Fetell Lee? She talks about how circles/dots are a joyful shape. Clearly they make you happy, and they made me smile to see them.

  5. Wish my mom was still alive. She would love these as her name was Dot! (Dorothy).


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