Thursday, July 7, 2016

Sketch While U Wait

While waiting at a popular restaurant, 
Sunday summer morning, Belfast.

While waiting in a doctor's office...sketching in my tiny book.

I've been using MICRON 02  It's not too bold,
but looks nice on the actual paper & is waterproof.

A blog friend asks: Do I start with the ink lines or the paint? 
Definitely the ink lines. The drawing is the cake,
the color is the icing.
While waiting for a class to end...

I had no idea what was going on in this class, but, thank goodness, I was sitting in the back row & thank goodness I had brought my Rigger's bag with me (previous posts). I ended up having a great time, 
maybe not in the way I had expected, but maybe better!
Two students. Can you tell they are a couple? 

Here is the moral of the story: 
Do NOT EVER leave home without your sketch tools!


  1. I just started doing this!!? More fun than reading email on the bus. Now to join Urban sketchers!! Are u a member? Should be. Glad yr posting again.

  2. I hope the dr reassured you?

    Love all the work here..Excellent Rita..

  3. I carry a tiny sketch kit with me, but do I sketch? Nooooo. I usually read, because I always carry a book, too. Maybe work towards sketching half the time and reading the other half? I need the sketching practice.

  4. Rita -- You are such an accomplished artist! To sit and be able to concentrate while sketching in just about any situation is amazing. I don't take any tools when I go out but I do try and take my camera. -- barbara


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